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Standard Extension (Option)
meter ft -inch meter ft -inch
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.27 cu.m (standard)
A Maximum DIG Depth 4.6m 15ft-1in 5.60m 18ft-4in
B Reach Ground Level to Rear wheel center 6.81m 22ft – 4in 7.91m 25ft-11in
C Reach Ground Level to slew center 5.5 m 18 ft 6.60m 21ft-7in
D Reach at full Height to slew center 2.85m 9ft – 3in 3.56m 11ft-8in
F Maximum working Height 5.92m 19ft – 5in 6.77m 22ft-2in
G Maximum Load over Height 4.14 m 13ft – 6in 5.02m 16ft-5in
H Bucket Rotation – Power 1880 degree
Bucket Tear out Force 6072 kgf
Dipper Tear our Force 3150 kgf
Lift capacity to bucket Pivot at
full Reach (without Bucket)
1400 kgs


With Link Bracket Without Link Bracket
meter ft -inch meter ft -inch
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.1 cu.m G.P Showel
I Dump Height 2.93 m 9ft-7.3in 2.96 m 9ft-8.5in
J Load Over Height 3.39 m 11ft-1.4in 3.39 m 11ft-1.4in
K Pin Height 3.61 m 11ft-10in 3.61 m 11ft-10in
L Pin Forward Reach 0.42 m 1ft-4.5in 0.42 m 1ft-4.5in
M Reach at Ground 1.60 m 5ft-2.9in 1.47 m 4ft – 9.87in
N Reach at full height 1.42 m 4ft-7.9in 1.28 m 4ft-2.3 in
O Reach at full Height bkt Dumped 1.1 m 3ft-7.3in 0.89 m 2ft-11in
P Below ground level DIG Depth 0.08 m 3 in 0.1 m 3.9 in
Q Roll back at Ground 500 degree 490 degree
R Dump Angle 450 degree 450 degree
Bucket Break-out Force 8183 kgf
Loader Arm Break-out Force 5251 kgf
Pay Load 1800 kgf


in (m) in (ft-inch)
A Over all lenth 6.04 m 19 ft – 9.82 in
B Wheelbase 2.22 m 7 ft – 3.39 in
C King post travel 1.03 m 3 ft – 4.5 in
D Minimum ground clearance 0.48 m 1ft – 6.81in
E Slew ground clearance 0.65 m 2ft – 1.6in
F Height to top of bonnet 1.99 m 6 ft – 6.34 in
G Height to top of cabin 3.00 m 9 ft – 10.46 in
H Over all height 3.71 m 12 ft – 2.1 in
J Track width – rear 1.70 m 5ft – 6.92in
K Track width – front 1.93 m 6 ft – 3.98 in
L Width over bucket 2.35 m 7 ft – 8.5 in
M Side reach to center line of machine 6.08 m 19 ft – 10 in


Description mm(Ft-inch)
O Loader Hinge Pin Height 2869 (9.5′ – 0″)
M Bottom Opening Dump Height 2735 (9′ – 0″)
C Reach at Ground (Carry Position) 1301 (4′ – 3.6″)
U Roll Back at Ground 54°
T Depth of the Bucket 76 (0′ – 3″)
V Bucket Opening Distance 915 (3′ – 0″)


Engine Kirloskar 4R 1040, TC EURO-III Diesel Engine.
No of cylinder: 4
Gross Power: 56.7 Kw (76HP) @ 2200 RPM.
Gross Torque 300Nm @1500 RPM


BULL SMART comes with CARRARO synchroshuttle transmission that provides superb drive power in all conditions. it consists of a 4-speed fully synchromesh gearbox with integral torque convertor and electrically operated forward & reversing shuttle.

The pedals layout and conventional 4 pattern gear lever with transmission disconnect switch adds to the overall ease of operation. On the move gear changes are possbile.

Option: SMART HTS offers state of the art open loop Hydrostatic drive(Patent pending).


Rear: Drive axle rigidly mounted, incorporates Max-trac torque proportioning differential, driven by short propshaft from gear box.

Front: Steer axle, centrally pivoted with oscillation angle ±16°.


Service: Hydraulically actuated, duel line, self adjusting, compensated oil immersed, multi-disc type on the rear axle, well protected from dirt, water etc., requiring no maintenance. Operation Through independent pedals linked together for normal use.

Two independently operatable foot pedals enable machine to maneuver in tight spaces.

Parking: Hand operated, oil immersed multi disc on the rear axle.


Full power, front wheel hydraulic power steering with manual capability in the event of engine or hydraullic power failure.

Hydraulic supply from pump via priority valve. Working pressure 1595 psi (110 bar)


130 Ampere-hour 12 volts battery system with alternator and full road lighting.


Front: 2WD: 9.00X16 – I6PR, 4WD: 12.5/80X18 -12PR

Rear: 2WD&4WD :16.9X28 -12PR(STD INDUSTRIAL TYRE) : 14.00X25-20PR(HEAVY DUTY TYRE)


Inner wheels bracked

A* Outside loader bucket 8.8 m

B Outside Wheels 6.3 m

Inner wheels not bracked

A* Outside loader bucket 11.6 m

B Outside Wheels 8.9 m


Forward Km/hr Reverse Km/hr
Max: 41 Km/Hr Max: 9 Km/Hr


SMART technology hydraulics : 3335 PSI (230 bar).

Pump flow : 113 LPM at 2200RPM.


7850 kgs with Standard GP Bucket Option


System Service
Hydraulic Tank 120 Ltr 100 Ltr
Fuel Tank 115/150 Ltr*
Engine Coolant 17 Ltr 15 Ltr
Engine Oil 12 Ltr 12 Ltr
Transmission 19.5 Ltr 16 Ltr
Rear axle 17 Ltr 17 Ltr
4WD Front Axle 8 Ltr 8 Ltr


  • Front Curved cab glasses provide excellent visibility
  • Excellent operator safety. Conforms to ROPS and FOPS standards .
  • A fully adjustable seat combined with ergonomically positioned controls and soft touch steering wheel.
  • Cab provides easy ‘walk through’ two door access. Other features include seat belt, large convex rear view mirror, interior light, front screen wiper, front and rear horn, hazard warning system, tool box and helper seat.
  • Instrumentation panel is positioned on the right hand side includes engine speed, engine hours, fuel level and water temperature.
  • Audible and visual fault warning system for alternator charge, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, blocked air filter, transmission oil temperature and hand-brake on.
  • Plenty of legroom minimises fatigue and allows the operator to work un-interrupted for long hours.


Excavator Buckets


– 0.27 cu.m (standard)

– 0.12 cu.m


– 0.17 cu.m

– 0.21 cu.m

Ditch Cleaning Bucket

Taper Ditching Bucket

Square hole bucket

Rock Breaker

Ripper Tooth

Trench Bucket

Loader booster bucket with 12ft-11 inch dump height

6 in 1 Bucket

4 wheel drive